Apryl M. Pope


I am a mother, wife, friend, daughter, former Peace Corps Volunteer and humanitarian, but ultimately, I am a teacher. I am designed and trained to take information, which is often confusing and package it in a way that is understandable to everyone. I then present this information in a clear, concise and organized format.

My passion lies in empowering people to enhance their quality of life so they can truly enjoy the precious time they have on earth. In order for you to achieve financial freedom, I strongly believe in being debt free and creating a comprehensive strategy to use your hard earned money to build wealth and give you the freedom to choose how you spend your life. If you want to quit your job and follow your passion, you should have that option. If you want to stay home for a few years with your children, you should have that option. Ultimately, you want to set your life up so you can make these choices and other ones that benefit your family. My goal is to help you get there!